Chemical products for leather

IDEA ALCHEMICA is a point of reference in Italy and abroad for the research and production of safe and certified chemical products for tanneries. Since 2006, we have been assisting costumers in the beamhouse, tanning and re-tanning phases with innovative solutions for the drum processing of leather. Qualified assistance and custom made productions; together with a rapid supply delivery allows us to best meet the specific needs of the costumer. .

Certification ZDHC

Zero discharge of hazardous chemicals

Our ongoing commitment to environmental protection has led us to obtain the ZDHC CERTIFICATE.
Thus eliminating or replacing hazardous chemicals within our production processes.


Research and Development

Innovative solutions for tanning.

Our research and development department is constantly engaged in the design and production of chemical products of excellence for the wet phase of tanning. From beamhouse to tanning, from re-tanning agents to fatliquors, to value and enhance the quality of the leathers. With highly specialized technicians and an always accurate and punctual assistance, we are alongside numerous customers in Italy and abroad.

Idea Alchemica - Qualità certificata

Certified Quality

Excellence and traceability.

All our leather-processing products are rigorously tested for safety and efficiency in full compliance with European regulations. With a meticulous laboratory analysis and a scrupulous quality control, we guarantee our costumers the highest standards of production and traceability. The demonstrated quality by the company was recognized in 2015 with the ISO 9001 Certification.

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Custom made production.

The solution to your problem.

Innovation and flexibility are among the strengths of our production department, these are the reasons why are ready to develop the ideal chemicals base on your requests. From tanning and re-tanning products, to auxiliaries, our technicians and specialist are at your disposal for customized, fast and certified productions.

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Idea alchemica - Produzione su misura
Idea alchemica - Assistenza Internazionale

International assistance

By your side all around the world.

With a constant focus on the global market innovations and an efficient organization, we are present in various countries to provide assistance and certified chemicals. The punctual and custom made supplies alongside the direct contact with the customer guarantee a streamlined process and time optimization

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For a softer, lighter and with more fastness to light leather

Fatliquoring polymers of low extractability, low specific weight and high quality, for a greater solidity to light and softer leather with less product.

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Chemical products for tanneries

Idea alchemica prodotti chimici - Riviera


Deliming agents, bactericides, anti fungus products, soaking agents, soaking agents, liming, fatliquors, bating products, emulsifiers and enzymes.

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Idea alchemica prodotti chimici - Resine acriliche

Acrylic resins

Acrylic resins for re-tanning carefully selected to donate the leather a precious effect of fullness and firmness.

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Idea alchemica prodotti chimici - Ingrassi


High profile oils and fatliquors to give the leather the softness and elasticity sought in the re-tanning and dyeing phases.

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Idea alchemica prodotti chimici - Polimeri ammorbidenti

Softening polymers

A line of exclusive products for the wet processing of leather, with innovative formulations for a soft and homogeneous sponginess.

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Idea alchemica prodotti chimici - Aldeidi


A range of aldehydes for the tanning and re-tanning phases to give the leather fullness, softness and a greater tear resistance.

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Idea alchemica prodotti chimici - Cationici


Cationic oil to give the leather shine and silkiness to the touch and fullness to the grain, ideal for the final or wet-blue phases.

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Idea alchemica prodotti chimici - Cere


A range of vegetable and synthetic waxes to obtain different lubricating effects, softness and vitality of the processed leathers.

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Idea alchemica prodotti chimici - Resine e proteine in polvere

Resins and protein powders

Resins and protein powders for the re-tanning phase, ideal to enhance the uniformity and quality of the grain with different filling effects.

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Idea alchemica prodotti chimici - Tannini sintetici

Synthetic tannins

Synthetic tannins for tanning and re-tanning in different formulations, to be used as replacements or in combination with vegetable products.

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Idea alchemica prodotti chimici - Concianti naturali

Natural Tanning Agents

A wide range of natural tanning agents to provide resistance, fullness and flexibility to the treated leather.

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Idea alchemica - Formule esclusive di produzione interna

Exclusive formulas

Internal production

The experience of our constantly updated staff and the availability of the most advanced technologies allow us to offer a dynamic and innovative research and development service. With a range of unique products, developed and manufactured in-house, we develop a tailor-made formulation for every cask processing need.

Idea alchemica - Consegna rapida e efficienza in ogni fase di lavoro

Fast delivery

Efficiency at every stage

We know how important it is for our customers to have a fast and reliable supply service. This is why we always respond quickly to every request, guaranteeing rapid container loading and timely deliveries. In Italy and abroad, we satisfy every request for customized packaging and production in the best possible way.

Idea alchemica - Consulenza professionale, sempre a tua disposizione

Professional advice

Always at your disposal

For any request for information on the range of our products or to request chemical products for specific processes, our assistance department is always available. With competence and professionalism, we answer your questions and show you the product most in line with your tanning needs. Contact us to receive personalized assistance and advice on our products.



In our range you can find waterproofing auxiliaries for neutralization and dispersion, and waterproofing fatliquors.



Certified and guaranteed products

Certificazioni - Idea alchemica
Certificazioni - Idea alchemica


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