Idea Alchemica produces and distributes aldehydes for the pre-tanning, tanning and re-tanning phases.  Created and developed internally, the aldehydes in our catalog guarantee easy solubility and excellent performance. To use as pre-tanning agents, in the re-tanning or during the fatliquoring process, they are valuable auxiliaries in chrome, wet white and vegetable tanning. Thanks to the characteristic properties of every formula, our anionic products have different applications in the leather treatment for clothing or footwear.

The specific actions of the aldehydes allow us to obtain a particular softness and smoothness on the leather, with a firm and smooth grain. The formulations of our products also allow protecting the leather fibers, enhance the resistance to tearing and favor the distribution of fat liquors and dyes.

Personalized assistance and custom made production.

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Are you looking for a tanning or re-tanning product for a particular process? Idea Alchemica is always available to develop customized chemical products for the specific requests of the clients. With a specialized laboratory and an extensive experience in the field, we are ready to develop the solution to any necessity.

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