To enhance shine and softness of the leather we have waxes specifically designed for the final phases of drum processing. Thanks to the particular formulation of each wax, the products of this line allow to obtain excellent performances on different types of leather. The special action of the synthetic waxes hands the leather a warm and soft touch while helping to favor its elasticity. Depending on the formulation chosen, it is also possible to obtain a particular burnished, shiny or waxed effect to enhance the natural qualities of the treated leather.

Personalized assistance and custom made production.

To receive personal assistance on the waxes in our catalog for wet process phases do not hesitate to contact us. We are always available to provide you with all the information on the products available and the mode of use for an optimal effectiveness; furthermore, thanks to a forefront laboratory and to highly qualified personnel, we also assist our clients with custom made productions. Whatever your need is, we will assist you with the creation and development of the ideal chemical products for every drum processing need.

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