Lubrotan line

24 Aug 2018 - Products
Lubrotan line

Idea Alchemica is always thorough to the renewed needs of the sector. Among the fatliquoring and re-tanning products in our catalog, the Lubrotan Line is an exclusive technology developed precisely to offer exceptional performance. Designed for the processing of high-profile leathers, the fatliquoring polymers Lubrotan present specific requirements to obtain leather with high technical standards. Particularly thanks to products in this range, it is possible to obtain high performance of softness, lightness and light resistance with a minimum percentage of product during the processing phases.

Lubrotan fatliquor polymers guarantee in fact:

  • Low specific weight
  • Less stability.
  • Greater light fastness

Lighter leather for accessories and clothing

The use of a smaller amount of fatliquor during the re tanning phase allows to obtain a leather with a lower specific weight. The leather thus obtained is lighter and more comfortable to wear, is ideal for leather goods and for the clothing industry.

More softness for a pleasant touch.

Despite the limited quantity of product that can be used in re-tanning and fattening, the leather turns out extremely soft and elastic, but without the heaviness of the too greasy and oiled leathers, A precious added value for the final quality of the leather.

Lightfastness with less quantity.

According to studies carried our on chemical products and processing results, it is not enough to use light-solid fatliquors for this quality to be transmitted to the leather. A fundamental factor to obtain solid leather is the quantity of fatliquor used in the drums. A smaller quantity results in more light-resistant leather

That is why the Lubrotan line of fatliquoring polymers offers the best processing performance. Contact us for more information or to order a supply from the products in the catalog.